KLEI – Oosterzele, BE

Unifamiliar habitat (design in collaboration with Bruno Heuleu 2008 – 2011 completed)

This new habitat functions on the ground floor and has a towering room that relates to tall poplar trees growing across the road.
A square floor plan with south-southwest light for the living quarters and northeast light for the children’s bedrooms and bathroom.
The roofs incline in different directions giving way to different orientations and thus types of windows.
On the ground level, floor to ceiling high windows with vertical divisions strengthen the relation with the poplar trees.
The children’s rooms have skylights allowing morning light to enter their bedrooms.
All roofs with exception of the flar roofs were constructed with wooden beams. These were left visible in the carport, and were insulated when folding over living spaces.
The entrance to the habitat is a glass pavilion situated under the roof of the carport. A yet-to-be constructed gate can be used to close of the car stall but also as a sunscreen for the south facing window of the seating area.


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