After seeing some photos of Sam Abell in his 2000 ‘Seeing Gardens’ publication, I was inspired to capture buildings and objects that are wrapped with (semi)-transparent veils.
Images gathered over the years, showing added layers, temporarily or permanent, as if offering them a warm cover. Though generally installed to prevent people or objects falling down, veils offer a filter to the building that softens the buildings contours. From the inside, the veil offers an interesting, and depending on the veil, a more contrasted view.

Francis Bacon stated: ‘We nearly always live through screens – a screened existence. And I sometimes think, when people say my work looks violent, that perhaps I have from time to time been able to clear one or two of the veils or screens.’  in Interviews with Francis Bacon, David Sylvester, London, 1993 , p. 82 (citation in Studies for a Portrait, Michael Peppiat, Yale University Press, New Haven and London):

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