ZILVER – Rijmenam, BE

Rearrangement with extension of a unifamiliar habitat (design 2005 – completed 2009)
An old farmhouse in a wooded area close to the meandering Dijle river. The clients wanted to add a wintergarden and needed a covered parking space.
I chose to relocate the entrance to this family’s habitat to the new extension, extracting this function from the (more intimate) sleeping quarters where it was located.
A structural wood-construction with brick facade for the winter garden was raised. The gates to close the car park and the entrance pavilion were built in Afzelia wood.
The winter garden has become a multifunctional space with an open fireplace and high window facing the north garden.
A window pierces the brick facade to let in mid-day light. Two sides of this window were on the inside sculpted as to let in as much light as possible.
The car stall can be used as a covered terrace when placing the cars outside. It has a outside barbecue making use of the same chimney as the fireplace.
A double door-window on the corner gives an easy access to the garden with orchard.

Publication in “Eco Remodeling Green Architecture”, 2012, Oscar Mira (ed.), Monsa Barcelona

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