Reconversion into three apartments of a belle-époque townhouse in central Ghent  (design in collaboration with Mathias Vandenbulcke)
2009 – 2015

An extension in wood-construction has been added at the back of the plot, replacing the precarious, stone extension. The pitched roof with unused attic has been raised on the back to provide for extra space for the top apartment.
The main building with wooden floors has been adapted to contemporary acoustic and fire regulations, respecting at once the character of the 19th century building.
The carpentry and natural stone roof in the front have been renewed taking into consideration heritage conservation requirements.
The back of the building has been insulated and finished with white and green stained plaster. New wooden carpentry allows for views on the city and the courtyard, as well as a maximum of natural light. Fixed parts have been stained in white, opening parts were transparently treated.
Every apartment/studio has one or two outdoor spaces with green roofs and there is a common space for laundry and bikes on the ground floor.

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