Upgrading of a unifamiliar habitat with a new rooftop terrace and shower room (design 2013 – 2015 completed)

The clients asked to upgrade the energy-efficiency of their house and to envision a rooftop terrace on the second floor (on top of the bathroom).
The early 20th century back room was completely worn out and the clients needed an extra shower room, toilet and washing corner on the ground floor.
I suggested to open up the existing kitchen towards the courtyard by making a large sliding window. The same sliding window is repeated inside to make the division between kitchen and shower room. A slight inclination will bring about an unusual reflection. The shower will have two translucent walls and is thus flooded with light. Led-strips placed outside the shower room ensure light but no shadows.
The balustrade of the rooftop terrace is brought as far as possible to the edge so that the terrace can be maximized in surface.
Vibrant red windows on the ground floor will contrast with the greenery of the courtyard and green roof on the shower room.

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