STUK – Gent, BE


Reconversion of an apartment block (1940) with 4 apartments and storage into 6 habitats with communal garden (2010-2014)
Communal housing project with architect’s own habitat, a 90 m2 apartment.
The original lay-out was completely rearranged: living quarters were relocated to south-east/south orientation and bedrooms at the front of the building (west). The former, dark square entrance hall was divided into a vestibule (entrance is located at street level) and a bathroom. The bathroom has two inside windows in order to receive natural daylight.
A library with reading corner makes the connection between the semi-public spaces and the more private spaces. A diagonal axis can be drawn from the kitchen at the very back of the habitat to the evening living/guest room and a bedroom at the streetside.
A basic kitchen with a cupboard window makes the connection to a trapezium-shaped terrace (see project STUKII) with a view to the communal garden.







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