Project STUK is featured in the film Actual Size Real Time #1 Partial Views created by film makers Julie Pfleiderer and Miriam Rohde. The film has been shown in 2016 at Venice Art Projects, in 2017 at Festival van de Architectuur and in 2018 at the Museum of Moving Practice.

Some more information about the film:

Size and time are fixed parameters in empirical space; in film they become variables. Actual Size Real Time is a collaboration between Julie Pfleiderer and Miriam Rohde. They realize filmic portraits of architecture that are not only interested in what built space looks like but also – and most importantly- in how it can be looked at.

For their first film, Rohde and Pfleiderer teamed up with with four young Belgian architecture practices. Partial Views features five different buildings which are similar in some regards; they are residential projects in various degrees of completion which are located somewhere in Flanders. However, the aim of the film is not to render a distinct impression of each building. Partial Views is mainly about looking at and from these houses. This looking is not neutral, linear steady or ideal. It is affected by the circumstances: interrupted, repetitive, forgetful, curious, concentrated or distracted and last but not least, mediated by a technical device, the camera.

commissioned by samenwerk / AE-architecten / douma architecten / perneel osten architecten
concept and direction Julie Pfleiderer & Miriam Rohde
camera Ferran Mesa Turó
editing Rudi Maerten
sound design Peter Lenaerts
sound recording interior Laszlo Umbreit
sound recording exterior Tomas Hendriks
Many thanks to Gaston Ramirez from Greenspin sprl and Edoardo Cimadori from Venice Art Projects

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