‘To do good work means to be curious about, to investigate, and to learn from ambiguity.’
Richard Sennett, 2008, ‘The Craftsman’, Yale University Press, p. 48

‘An architecture of complexity and contradictions overflows with ambiguity and tension.’
Robert Venturi, 1999, ‘De l’ambiguïté en Architecture’, Dunod Paris, pp. 29

‘A practice that truly valorises the diverse knowledges and skills of its clients, users or collaborators will not only be imparting knowledge but will also be learning. It is therefore an inherently empowering and bottom-up approach.’

Being an architect is not only about making drawings and sketches. One needs to overlook the whole process, from idea to realization.
During this process, one materializes ‘mental’ images, together with a choice of good craftsmen. This requires communication skills and and above all, it requires the will to cooperate.

Cooperation brings about a new understanding that finds its roots in the dialogue between two ore more parties. All involved, be it craftsman or engineer, (landscape) architect, artist or client can learn from ambiguity and grow as an autonomously thinking person.

SAMENWERK (Dutch for CO-OP) wants to provide a platform that inspires involved parties to create habitats for life and work while growing as a social being.

Sam De Vocht
architect and founder of samenwerk
guest teacher TU Delft and RAVB

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